XPOCBT was founded in 2000 because Mr. Tony Reed's mom was homeless and needed mental health treatment. XPOC held many affordable housing workshops during the early 2000s for local and state agencies as well as individual consultations for families and individuals looking to buy HUD foreclosures. It was not long before Mr. Reed saw a direct correlation between mental health and homelessness and mental health and incarceration.. Accordingly, XPOCBT's consultants are highly experienced in the fields of social work, criminal justice and affordable housing. Over the last 10 years, some of our consultants have participated in various international projects involving flood victims, human trafficking and child labor exploitation in the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, and Vietnam. Although these same issues exist in America, we have limited our fight for social justice reform to the Baltimore-Washington metro area, focusing on Prince George's Counyt, Baltimore City and Washington, DC. Now is the time for action and reform.

Our newest project involves rehabilitating and joining a 3500 sq ft house situated on 1/2 acre to an adjoining 1.5 acre lot and expanding it to a 6000 square foot assisted living/affordable housing resource center. We strongly feel that enough is not being done to address the reforms needed in the areas of mental health, criminal justice and affordable housing. Therefore, XPOCBT will be having fundraisers and seeking grants to cover the cost of rehabilitation estimated at $250,000. Our new facility we hope to have fully operational by the 2nd quarter of 2017. Accordingly, we will be accepting donations and contributions in exchange for our free gifts. Of course, any and all donations will be tax deductible. Lastly, the good news is that though Mr. Reed's mom will be the first client at the 10 bed Assisted Living Facility, we will be actively seeking to fill the other 9 beds as well. You may follow us for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, we will be conducting "The Hellcat Raffle" in the near future, where a 2017 Dodge Hellcat is the Grand Prize. With the purchase of a raffle ticker, each contestant will receive a free gift and a handwipe until $1 million has been raised. Look for details later on.