XPOCBT first started consulting as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization after it was founded in January of 2000. Our mission only involved fighting homelessness through affordable housing workshops, credit counseling, mortgage counseling, and home buying assistance as well as rental housing assistance. However, we have broadened our mission to include mental health reform and criminal justice reform. 0ur reforms involve more outreach and awareness. we want to provide free mental health check ups for every person or family.We want stigmas removed from mental illnesses including alzehiemers & dementia. We also want more accountability from judges, police, prosecutors on arrests, detentions, and incarcerations. We feel all offenders and ex-offenders deserve fair treatment and justice.


Our vision is to have the Washington Metro Area serve as an example for other cities and communities to follow. We strive to help people who have any type of emotional or mental crisis or family problem, can just walk into one of our consultation centers for an anonymous quick mental health evaluation and work out that problem based on results from that consultation. Moreover, in criminal justice matters, all pretrial, trial and post trial, defendants should receive the utmost respect and best legal representation from arrest to incarceration. Finally, we feel that there should be a proportional number of low cost housing units to match the needs of people needing housing. We feel that the government must do more to help provide affordable housing for all members of society.